–Grateful Patient, NYC


ary Cox is a brilliant therapist. I arrived at her practice, having suffered from bouts of depressive episodes since my midteens. A recent series of events had left me in a rather severe relapse and my experience with therapists-past had left me wanting. Not so with Dr. Cox. Her astute insights and ability to draw connections between seemingly disparate thoughts left me in awe. Also remarkable is her capacity to make you aware of those feelings just beyond the realm of your consciousness. Our work together provided me with not only the groundwork and path to recovery, but with significant growth as a whole. I would recommend her enthusiastically to those looking for help with specific psychosocial challenges and to those simply seeking self-exploration and development.”


“I never thought I would be the kind of person that would seek psychotherapy. I grew up in a world that judged you as weak or crazy. There is, of course, a long family history of depression. I found the courage to call Mary Cox. She helped me get through the most difficult period of my life. I am not sure I would be here today writing this testimonial if it were not for her intervention. She is compassionate, empathetic, non-judgmental and incredibly intuitive. She just seemed to know when she had to check up on me. I would leave our sessions feeling like I had just had a mental massage. It was difficult to end. She helped me to recognize that it is my own inner strength that will help me to overcome life’s hardships. There have since been obstacles in my life but I have managed them with the wise lessons I learned from Mary Cox.”


“I worked with Dr. Mary Cox for a number of years at a critical time as I faced challenging career and personal issues. Her help was instrumental to my growth and awareness, enabling me to see new possibilities. Dr. Cox brings a distinct grace and thoughtfulness to her work as a therapist. A gentle nature and calm strength are hallmarks of her treatment. Using holistic modalities way ahead of the time and a kind, compassionate approach, Dr. Cox is the ideal therapist if you seek the deeper insight needed for change in your life.”

–A Thankful Heart, NYC

“I have been blessed with wonderful therapists—so my expectations for Dr. Cox were exceedingly and perhaps unfairly high. Nevertheless, she exceeded every one of them—on multiple different levels. Dr. Cox is more than ‘just’ a therapist—she is a holistic healer who is extremely gifted at addressing the emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual needs of her clients. I began seeing Dr. Cox at a time of extreme crisis. In addition to being severely ill, I was also facing serious issues of workplace violence and trauma. From our very first session, it was clear that I was being placed in guiding and comforting hands. What I learned from my sessions with Dr. Cox was much more than how to navigate through an incurable physical illness and the challenges of trauma—I also learned how to be a more kind, strong, and wise person. Dr. Cox’s big heart, contagious compassion, reassuring wit, and inspiring wisdom bestowed upon my own heart hope that was lacking and strength that is treasured. Every day, I think of our work together, even though I am currently an ocean away. My journey to continue growing and exploring with an open and trusting heart continues to be that much richer because of my time in her compassionate and loving care.”


“Dr. Cox is amazing. One of the most generous doctors or people in general I’ve encountered. She listens so throughly, and goes beyond just saying the right thing—Dr. Cox subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) guiding me to being the highest version of myself.”


“Since visiting Mary my life has changed in so many wonderful positive ways and I’m forever grateful to her. I always feel very accepted, safe and heard, but Mary is far more than a sounding board. I can tell that Mary is really working while she is listening to understand and move the conversation in a way that is helpful and healing, and she offers advice which so few therapists do—advice that I have always found to be full of space and incredibly insightful. I am very spiritual and it is so hard to find a therapist that is open to and experienced with this mindset. Mary has a deep grasp of all forms of spiritual expression and paths so I really feel I can explore the issues that come up for me from all sorts of angles. I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Mary.”