More Background

New Age and Spiritual Pursuits

Hatha yoga.


discovered yoga, and its benefits, in books, in the early 1970‘s. Then I found the Integral Yoga Institute in Manhattan, and began classes there. I have studied other types of yoga since, but I very strongly favor hatha yoga. My knowledge of and experience with hatha yoga prompts me to recommend it often to patients who present symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, as well as certain medical issues.


I have been meditating since the early 1970’s. I recommend it, when appropriate. A great deal of professional research supports its utility in the treatment of a variety of psychological and physical disorders.

Studying astrology.

Astrology became an important interest for me during the 1970’s. Planetary energies do play an important role in our lives. I studied the art/science of astrology seriously with Elizabeth Racine in New York City for 2½ years.

I sometimes turn to the ephemeris or to a patient’s chart, in order to understand what energies seem to be operative in the person’s life. My belief is that the energies are there; our job is to make certain that we are using them in a constructive fashion.

Studying metaphysics.

I discovered what has come to be called metaphysics during the mid-1970’s, when I attended services and lectures at Unity Church and The First Church of Religious Science. The traditions of both these organizations served as Western forerunners of a significant portion of New Age thought. The latter uses, among other sources, the work of Ernest Holmes. I took two years of coursework at the First Church of Religious Science.

My exposure to the work of these organizations prompts me, in some instances, to view a person’s life dilemmas from the standpoint of a metaphysical overview. This broad perspective can sometimes offer elucidation.

Exploring psychic phenomena.

In the early 1970‘s I discovered the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in New York City. I was a member of the ASPR for 30 years. Sometimes people are uneasy about having experienced events such as ESP, precognition (knowing what is going to happen, before it actually happens), and other such events. It is my intention to create a safe place in which these sorts of experiences can be reported and explored, without fear of censure or criticism.

Exploring spiritual traditions.

I have explored the beliefs and practices of several spiritual traditions, Eastern and Western. These exposures and inquiries have opened me to an appreciation of new ways of seeing, understanding, and appreciating the holy, other people, myself, and life.

My ability to comprehend and appreciate a particular person’s experiences of life and views of the world have expanded greatly thanks to these inquiries.

Practicing martial arts.

I have studied martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do with Richard Chun, and Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan with C.K. Chu. I currently study Qi Gong with Tina Zhang.

My background in these disciplines has permitted me to appreciate how helpful a course of study in a well-taught martial art can be for the individual who is having difficulty with stress and/or the expression of aggression. I recommend such a course of study from time to time to people who might benefit from the opportunity to express their anger and aggression in a safe, protected environment, permitting them to discover that these energies can be channeled safely and used productively. It has also shown me the benefit of such practices for the development of overall calmness and well-being. I occasionally recommend the pursuit of one of the martial arts for these reasons.

Alternative Modes of Healing

I have consulted with a variety of healers who practice alternative medicine over the course of my life. While I have always sought conventional medicine’s opinions first, alternative methods of healing have often provided significant additional benefit. Practitioners who have helped me have included: a nutritionist, a kinesiologist, chiropractors, a naturopath, acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, cranial-sacral practitioners, spiritual healers, therapeutic masseurs, a homeopath, and a distance healer.

As a result of my background in this regard, I am particularly respectful of those who seek healing from practitioners such as these, and support anyone who chooses the interventions of well-trained respected practitioners.


Cancer has become a ubiquitous illness. I have treated several people in my practice who have had cancer. I, myself, was found to have cancer of a very serious nature over a decade ago. I was treated using conventional medicine. My own disease prompted me to seek information about alternative medical interventions for people with cancer, many of which I pursued. I am now “cured”— my oncologist’s word.

My personal experience with the disease, and my own path of recovery, put me in a position in which I am able to relate to the individual faced with such a diagnosis with greater understanding than I otherwise would have had.