Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy



y mission as a Clinical Psychologist is to assist you as you move into your own healing, growth, self-fulfillment, and the realization of your own potential.

People who enter psychotherapy talk about what is troubling them. Looking at ourselves, our situations, past events in our lives is not always easy. It requires courage. It takes time to have a full appreciation of what has happened to us. Sometimes we have forgotten important past events. If we recall them, it may be without full awareness of what we felt at the time.

Uncovering what is truly troubling us, having a full experience of it, understanding it, and coming to terms with it—these are some of the tasks of psychotherapy. All of them bring healing in their wake.

As a person heals, more and more of the inner self comes to the surface, and is available to appreciate and express. Some people discover that their pain is related to difficulty fully experiencing joy. Some find they need greater access to their creativity. Some discover that they want to be able to relate to another human being with more openness and honesty. Some become aware that they have a part of themselves of which they had been only dimly aware, a part that they need to know better, so they can take more responsibility for it. All of these precious aspects of the human experience can become part of the treatment work.

Each of us has a unique inner core of richness, integrity, wholeness, and truth. As psychotherapy continues, this core is increasingly revealed.

My work consists of assisting you to explore your Self.